We provide a service that enables students to connect with teachers, and vice versa. Please note that we have no connection with any of the teachers who advertise on our site and cannot accept any responsibility for or liability in connection with the services they offer. We hope the general information below assists you in choosing and engaging a teacher, but please remember that any engagement is between you and the teacher directly. You should always satisfy yourself that you have conducted appropriate and necessary checks and obtained full references before engaging a teacher who advertises on our site.

Choosing a teacher

Most teachers are self employed and therefore plan their timetable and charges very carefully allowing for:

Duration and Payment

Lessons are usually: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Charges are approximately € 33 ± € 6 (ie between € 27 and € 39 per hour). There may be an additional travel charge for a home or school visit of between € 5 and € 10 depending on the distance to be travelled. Lessons are often charged in groups eg 10 lessons or per academic term.  Alternatively your teacher may guarantee to give a certain number of lessons per year and charge a monthly fee throughout the year.  Payment options include cash and bank transfer (often the preferred method - no need for receipts).


If the teacher cancels - most teachers try to arrange a catch-up lesson. 

If you, the student, cancels - you may be charged for your lesson if you do not cancel before a specified time (often 24 hours).  If you cancel, your teacher may not arrange a catch-up lesson and that lesson fee may be lost. 

Why such a strict policy?  Teachers try to minimise the amount of time that they aren't teaching/earning.  If you cancel giving adequate notice your teacher will be able to try to give your slot to someone who needs a catch-up lesson.  Without adequate notice your slot will be wasted and your teacher will end up not earning money for that slot. 

Selecting the right teacher

As with any private arrangement you are strongly advised to seek references.  Here are examples of questions for your prospective teacher:

Any questions?

If you have any comments or questions please to not hesitate to contact us?